5 Wild Game Pie Recipes for Pie Day

Looking for tasty wild game recipes for Pi Day (3/14)? Click through this list for wild game pie inspiration!

Elk Sausage and Apple Hand Pies

These little pies are such a treat to eat! The sweet and salty combination of the apples and sausage wrapped up in a cheesy, flaky pie crust makes the perfect handheld comfort food!

Elk Sloppy Joe  Hand Pies

Everything you love about sloppy joes but without the mess! Flavorful homemade sloppy joe filling tucked into a flaky pie crust. What's not to love?

Venison and Wild Mushroom Hand Pies with Stout Beer

Venison hand pies (pasties) are the perfect handheld meal. These delicious little treats are made of flavorful venison and mushroom filling with stout beer gravy wrapped in a flaky Irish cheddar crust.

Venison Shepherd's Pie (Hunter's Pie)

This shepherd's pie takes it down to the basics - meat and potatoes. Indulge a little with this elevated spin on a classic comfort dish.

African Spiced Antelope Hand Pies

The filling is spiced with ras el hanout and is so flavorful and delicious. Tucked in a flaky crust and dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce, these are sure to please!