Venison Backstrap Recipes

Venison backstrap is prized for its tenderness and can be prepared in a variety of ways!

Venison backstraps are the long muscles that run alongside both sides of a deer's spine (and other wild game animals). The whole backstrap starts at the shoulder, rests on top of the ribcage, and ends at the pelvis. The muscle fibers run lengthwise down the back of the deer. There is very little connective tissue inside the meat which is what makes backstraps so desirable. There are SO many tasty methods for cooking deer backstrap. Click through for a few of my favorite recipes!

Cast Iron Venison Backstrap

Tender venison backstrap seared and basted in hot, aromatic butter. Try this time-honored classic for perfectly cooked venison steak.

Easy Grilled Venison Backstrap

The simplest ingredients come together to make this prized cut of meat shine like the star it is. This grilled venison backstrap recipe comes out perfect every time!

Rack of Venison with Blueberry Thyme Sauce

This beautiful cut of meat is elevated with a smooth and luxurious blueberry thyme sauce, showcasing one of the most prized venison cuts.

Smoked Venison Backstrap

Smoky, sweet, salty, juicy, savory - this venison backstrap recipe has it all. It's the perfect way to enjoy this great cut of meat!

Butter-Basted Elk Medallions

Backstraps and tenderloins from larger deer or other big game animals like elk can be cut into medallion steaks. Cooking them in a hot pan with butter and herbs yields excellent results.

Venison Backstrap with Cherry Sauce

Perfectly cooked mule deer backstrap meets a sweet and savory Flathead cherry sauce. An elegant dish with classic flavors that's sure to impress!

Elk Backstrap with Red Wine Mushrooms

Perfectly medium-rare elk backstrap seared in a cast iron pan with rich and flavorful sauteed mushrooms and a hint of rosemary and red wine. This recipe is a great way to elevate a beautiful steak!

Venison Poke Bowls

Cubes of venison backstrap look and feel very similar to ahi tuna and makes a great substitution for poke bowls. Surrounded by fresh toppings and delicious sauces, every bite is full of flavor!

Venison Sashimi

If you're looking for an adventurous new way to prepare your venison backstraps, this sashimi is full of exciting flavors and textures!