Venison Sashimi with Ponzu and Chili Crisp

Servings: 2-4 Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 0 minutes


This venison sashimi recipe is surprisingly delicious. If you like sushi and you're looking for something a little more adventurous to make with your harvest, give this recipe a try!


Start with a few simple ingredients: - Venison Backstrap - Ponzu Sauce (recipe included) - Chili Crisp - Jalapeño - Bonito Flakes - Lime - Mandarin Orange - Pickled Ginger

A note on Food Safety: There are risks involved with eating raw venison. If you know your meat has been properly cared for, you can give this recipe a try. See recipe for more details.

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You can use  store-bought ponzu sauce or make your own out of: - Soy Sauce - Rice Vinegar - Lime - Mandarin Orange  - Sugar - Kombu - Bonito Flakes Refrigerate overnight and strain for best flavor

Slice venison into thin slices. Slicing the meat while mostly frozen will help you achieve  paper-thin slices.  Thaw the slices on paper towels to soak up excess moisture and remove off flavors.

Arrange slices in shallow serving bowl or platter. Pour ponzu sauce over meat and garnish with chili crisp, jalapeno slices, bonito flakes and lime and orange zest. Refrigerate to chill completely. Serve with chopsticks and enjoy cold.