9 Tasty Wild Game Recipes for the Grill

Fire up that grill, get those tongs clicking, and get ready to impress these wild game grilling recipes that are sure to be a hit!

Easy Venison Backstrap

The simplest ingredients come together to make this prized cut of meat shine like the star it is. This grilled venison backstrap recipe comes out perfect every time!

Elk Steak Nachos

Take your nacho game to the next level by adding tender, marinated elk steak, homemade pickled onions and jalapeños, quesadilla cheese, and avocado crema.

Venison Mushroom Swiss Burgers

Flavorful, juicy grilled venison burgers topped with perfectly caramelized mushrooms and onions coated in a blanket of gooey melted Swiss cheese. What's not to love?

Elk Steak Fajitas

These elk steak fajitas are bursting with flavor from the zesty marinade and spicy veggies. Drizzle a little queso over the top for an extra layer of goodness!

Juicy Elk Burgers

The juiciest elk burgers are just a few steps away with this delicious recipe. These elk burgers are a must-try dish for your next backyard barbecue!

Venison Heart Skewers

Tender strips of venison heart marinated in a flavorful soy sauce-based marinade grilled to perfection over an open flame.

Elk Sliders with Bacon

These mini bacon cheeseburgers are juicy, flavorful, and so fun to eat! They cook quickly and are the perfect summer meal!

Asian Grilled Elk Steak

Super tender elk ribeye cap marinated in a flavorful Asian marinated and grilled to juicy, flavorful perfection.

Elk Heart Tacos

These tacos are a great way to enjoy the heart from any wild game. Flavorful marinated heart paired with spicy jalapeños, juicy pineapple, and tangy avocado crema.