7 Wild Game Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Looking for tasty wild game recipes for St. Patrick's Day? Click through this list for classics like corned venison and other Irish-inspired dishes!

Beer-Braised Corned Venison

Corned venison gets a boozy upgrade with a flavorful beer braise and sweet whiskey mustard glaze. The perfect St. Patrick's Day meal!

Corned Venison Hash with Horseradish Cream Sauce

This hash is the perfect use for leftover corned venison. It's salty, savory, and filling. The horseradish cream sauce adds a little zing to this rich meal. Enjoy it any time of day!

Venison and Wild Mushroom Hand Pies with Stout Beer

Venison hand pies (pasties) are the perfect handheld meal. These delicious little treats are made of flavorful venison and mushroom filling with stout beer gravy wrapped in a flaky Irish cheddar crust.

Stout-Braised Pronghorn Shanks

Stout beer makes a perfect silky, flavorful gravy for tender shanks. The perfect complement to ultra creamy sage brown butter mashed potatoes.

Elk Meatballs with Stout and Mushroom Gravy

Tender elk meatballs in a rich stout and mushroom gravy. Serve with crusty bread, egg noodles, rice, etc.

Stout Mac and Cheese

Grown-up cheeseburger mac with a wild game twist. Cheesy goodness mixed with rich stout beer draped over chewy cavatappi noodles mixed with spicy pronghorn sausage and topped with crunchy panko. You can't go wrong!

Elk Sausage and Apple Hand Pies

These little pies are such a treat to eat! The sweet and salty combination of the apples and sausage wrapped up in a flaky Irish cheddar pie crust makes the perfect handheld comfort food!