How to Cut Elk Tenderloin Steaks

Learn how to turn a whole elk tenderloin into beautiful medallion steaks!

Elk Tenderloin is a super tender cut of meat that is tucked inside the abdominal cavity under the spine. It can be cooked and served many ways: leave it whole and slice after cooking, stuff it with various savory ingredients, cut into thin steaks, or cut into thick medallion steaks.

Using a filet knife, cut the thin ends of the tenderloins off, about 1.5-2" from the ends. This will leave you with a more uniform piece to cut into medallions.

Cut the middle piece in half.

Then cut the middle halves into 2 or 3 pieces each, depending on the size of the tenderloin and your desired steak thickness. The medallions should be about 1-1.25" thick.

You should have 6-8 steaks, including the ends. The ends may not look as pretty but they still make great steaks!

Follow the recipe below for delicious butter-basted elk medallions!

Looking for a recipe for whole elk tenderloin? Try this sous vide elk tenderloin with rosemary shallot butter.