How to Prepare a Deer Heart

Venison heart is really just like another cut of meat when you get down to it. Learn how to break down a heart into tasty steaks!

If you've never cooked  deer heart, breaking it down into usable meat can be intimidating! But like any other steak, it is just another muscle. Hearts can be broken down into 3 or 4 steak-like pieces in just a few simple steps. Follow along to learn how to clean and cut your deer heart.

Thaw heart upside down in glass bowl or measuring cup. This will help liquid drain out of the heart.

Trim all outer fat from the heart using a filet/boning knife. Cut vessels from the top of the heart.

With the bottom of the heart (pointed end) facing towards you, run your knife along the vessel that runs diagonally across the front of the heart.

Continue cutting until you remove the entire piece of muscle. This is the left ventricle. Cut the ventricle open until it lays flat like a steak.

Cut open the remaining piece of heart and cut it into 2 separate steak cuts. Remove the heartstrings and other tough connective tissue.

You should be left with 3 steak-like cuts.

You can cook it as a steak or use it in a variety of recipes like these tasty grilled heart skewers!