10 Tasty  Mexican-inspired Wild Game Recipes

Looking for tasty Mexican inspired wild game dishes? Click through this list for some deliciously unique recipes!

Venison Barbacoa Tacos

This venison barbacoa is so flavorful and tender. It's the perfect base for some amazing tacos!

Classic Ground Venison Tacos

Ground tacos are a classic way to use wild game. This recipe includes a homemade seasoning mixture and a few extra secret ingredients that help keep the meat moist.

Elk Steak Nachos with Avocado Crema

Take your nacho game to the next level by adding tender, marinated elk steak, homemade pickled onions and jalapeños, quesadilla cheese, and avocado crema. All the ingredients come together for the perfect steak nachos of your dreams.

Shredded Venison Street Tacos

Guajillo and pasilla chiles give these tacos a rich, complex flavor. Topped with acidic, crunchy pickled onions and queso fresco - you can't go wrong!

Ground Elk Quesadillas

Flavorful, saucy meat filling sandwiched between generous layers of gooey cheese and crispy tortillas. You'll never go back to your boring old quesadilla again!

Grilled Elk Steak Fajitas

These elk steak fajitas are bursting with flavor from the zesty marinade and spicy veggies. Drizzle a little queso over the top for an extra layer of goodness!

Grilled Fajita Salad with Antelope Steak

This refreshing summer salad is full of flavor with marinated antelope loin and lots of fresh toppings. Grilled romaine is the cherry on top (or bottom)!

Grilled Elk Heart Tacos

These tacos are a great way to enjoy the heart from any wild game. Flavorful marinated heart paired with spicy jalapeños, juicy pineapple, and tangy avocado crema, these tacos are a real flavor bomb!

Antelope Carne Asada

Zesty citrus marinated pronghorn bottom round drizzled with savory chimichurri sauce. The perfect base for delicious tacos!

Mole Rubbed Venison Eye of Round

Rich mole sauce adds a decadence to perfectly cooked venison eye of round steak.